Defibrillators for public now at fire stations

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Formby Fire Station. Pic © Charlotte Kenny JMU Journalism

Community-accessible defibrillators have been installed at all of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service’s (MFRS) stations.

Defibrillators free to the public to use have been fitted to the outside of every fire station across Merseyside, allowing people to make potentially lifesaving actions in the event of a cardiac emergency.

The machine delivers a high energy electric shock to a person suffering a cardiac arrest and helps restore a stable heart rhythm.

The installation has seen MFRS work closely with North West Ambulance Service to provide the facility and anyone needing access should dial 999 and follow the instructions given by the device.

Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan told JMU Journalism: “Defibrillators can be the difference between life and death and it’s extremely important that these pieces of equipment are as freely available as possible.

“Studies have shown that when someone goes into cardiac arrest, a shock given within three minutes provides the best chance of survival.

YouTube: St John Ambulance

“That’s why we wanted to make this investment and ensure every single one of our Community Fire Stations across Merseyside is home to a defibrillator. We are in the business of saving lives and these devices do just that.

“These defibrillators are safe and simple to use and could potentially save a member of our community’s life.

Each fire station also has a ‘Safe Haven’ for members of the public, including children, to go to if they feel unsafe in a situation. This also allows people to report hate crime, domestic violence and other issues which may occur.

Safe Havens are easily identified as there is an illuminated sign which can be clearly seen at night. If firefighters are not at the station, people can still call for assistance for by using the yellow phone located on the front of the buildings.

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