Dance-athon to benefit Rare Studio

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© Rare Studios Liverpool

Dance © Rare Studios Liverpool

A 24-hour dance-athon is to be held in aid of a growing theatre and dance group which aims to help the less well-off in the city.

Rare Studio now has some 85 students and will shortly move from its small Bold Street workshop to a new location on Wood Street where two dance studios and two acting studios are planned.

With year-long courses on offer, as well as Saturday schools, the organisation was started by Michelle Faulkner and Lindsay Inglesby, whose work at LIPA inspired them to create opportunities for those less fortunate.

Faulkner said: “For students to train at schools in London or LIPA it is very expensive to get on the course. Many young people out there have the talent they just can’t afford it, so we give them a chance to achieve it.”

“The students have to audition to get in, they are extremely talented and many were accepted into performing arts schools around the country they just couldn’t afford to go and live away from home.”

In order to move to their new location, the organisation is aiming to raise money for dance floors and other fittings with student Ellis Howard aiding efforts by running the half London Marathon while there are also plans to hold the 24-hour dance-athon during the Easter holidays.

Faulkner added: “We also help with students auditions, paying for transport fares; they get these opportunities and can’t always pay for them so we try to help.”

“We have a mix of kids, but a lot of our students are from quite poor backgrounds, but are still really talented. They should still get high quality training and we offer them that for free. Some kids have had a more privileged upbringing, but still the most we charge is £5,000 for courses and everyone is means-tested.”

Rare Studio is holding open auditions in each performing arts medium this Sunday with anyone welcome to try out. 

Student Lew Southend was full of praise after his experience, saying: “Rare has helped me become a versatile performer, teaching me different styles and techniques in dance, singing and acting. It has also helped my confidence as a person on and off stage.”

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