Covid hand washing issues for eczema sufferers

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Constant washing and hand sanitising has made Ross’ eczema worse

The increase in hand washing through the coronavirus pandemic is proving uncomfortable for people with eczema.

Regular washing and use of hand sanitisers to prevent the spread of Covid-19 has exacerbated skin conditions such as eczema that can lead to inflammation, itchiness and sometimes rashes.

As a person develops eczema the skin can become thickened and even peel, leading to discomfort and pain.

Ross Clarke, a student and essential worker who lives in Liverpool, has suffered from eczema all his life. He has experienced it getting worse since the outbreak of Covid-19 due to washing and sanitising his hands more frequently than usual.

Kehinde Ross who researches skin conditions including eczema explains that the constant rubbing on the skin is the root of the problem. He says one thing you can do to help tackle this is use gentler products when washing. He also believes joining a support group online can help the mental health of those experiencing their eczema worsening.

Watch interviews with Ross Clarke and Kehinde Ross below>>>

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