COVID-friendly festival comes to Liverpool

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Parking Lot Social will provide a range of family events

Christmas may look gloomy this year, but a new and exciting event promises to offer some light relief when it comes to Liverpool.

The Parking Lot Social is a drive-in festival that brings a plethora of fun events together to spread some socially distanced festive cheer. Following success in places such as America, Australia, Glasgow and Manchester, this is the first time the festival will arrive in Liverpool.

The winter festival, which will take place at John Lennon Airport from December 9-13, is a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. Cameron Craig, CEO at XL Event Lab who run the festival, said: “The Parking Lot Social brand itself was actually born on the back of COVID.

“We’re an events company that do all different kind of events all over the world. It’s basically a travelling family event where we go from city-to-city with the worlds’ largest inflatables.”

As Guinness World Record holders, their 60-foot tall rainbow coloured Christmas tree and two 40-foot screens displaying the action, definitely give it the wow factor.

Mr Craig explained how the idea for Parking Lot Social was derived when all the company’s current tours had to be cancelled during the first coronavirus wave earlier in the year.

He is keen to point out how the new event complies with strict COVID guidelines. He said: “It’s a completely COVID friendly event. It complies with all socially distanced guidelines and all socially distancing rules, no matter how strict they are. We’re completely accessible, people can experience the full drive-in entertainment and enjoy the whole event without leaving their car.”

The COVID-safe drive-in event is proving popular

With  coronavirus and social distancing likely to be with us for some time, Mr Craig stresses how important events like these are: “We think it’s extremely important to have something to do as a family or as a group of friends.

“It’s a changed world that we’re all living in. It’s through none of our faults what we’re living like this, but we think it’s important to have a bit of normality.

“People are used to doing things in December, they’re used to getting together and celebrating the holiday season and we feel this is a great opportunity for people to do that but still taking the whole virus situation seriously.”

The Parking Lot Social will include pantomimes, movie showings and quizzes. There are also food stalls which are being run by local food trucks as well as some of the region’s comedians, including Lloyd Griffith.

Mr Craig said: “The initial response to the Liverpool event has been overwhelming. Tickets have been selling really well. The way it’s going so far, it’s going to be a sell out event.

“We’re really psyched about that and we’re looking forward to bringing the event down there. We can’t see the Parking Lot Social going anywhere, it’s going to be here for a long time.”

Watch the full interview With Cameron Craig below>>>

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