Council to curb rise of HMO’s in Liverpool

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Liverpool City Council is set to stem the rise in houses of multiple occupation (HMO) across the city.

Consultations over recent months were finalised and a new H11 policy is set to come into force in April 2021.

Over the past decade, Liverpool has seen a significant growth in the number of HMOs culminating in a plethora of issues for the surrounding homes.

Barry Kushner from Liverpool City Council said: “We’ve got an issue in certain parts of the city with family dwellings being converted into Homes for Multiple Occupation.

“The impact it has on an area is that it creates a transient community. It has an impact on the integrity of the community.”

In 2018, in a bid to curb these issues, Liverpool City Council implemented an Article 4 Direction in the Dales area of Wavertree and now the new H11 policy will follow the same steps to allow the same restrictions to be implemented city-wide.


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