Council agrees on tough budget

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Liverpool Town Hall

Liverpool City Council voted its latest budget through amid acrimony in the Town Hall as council leader Joe Anderson described one Liberal Democrat as a “disgrace”.

The Lib Dems proposed amendments were voted against as the Labour majority pushed through a budget that will impose more local cuts.

“Last year £91 million worth of cuts was made and in the next two years there will be £50 million in cuts,” Anderson said.

There was much disagreement over the issue of potholes with Labour and Lib Dem councillors clashing over whose fault they were. Lib Dem amendments concerning the issue were not passed.

‘’Dangerous and dirty roads affects every citizen and I don’t think this is too much to ask. Your fail will be seen by the public,” Lib Dem councillor Richard Kemp said.

‘’We remember the facts and the truths. We said we oppose it and that we are against it.,” he added, referring to the budget.

However Anderson slammed Kemp, accusing him of having no principles: “You stand up for no principle. You are a disgrace to people in this city and your party,” he said.

There were various accusations around the potholes and whose fault they were. Others to voice their views included Liberal Party Councillor Steve Radford and Councillor John Coyne from the Green Party, who was later taken ill and left the chamber.

Outside the Town Hall there were protests against the impending cuts. Prior to the debate there were passionate speeches by members of Liverpool Trade Union and Union Against Cuts.

Dave Welsh, from Unite, told the Town Hall: ‘’We are facing decades of cuts, degradation and privatisation. The one thousand richest increased their assets with £60 billion last year.

“The Conservatives want to cut the 50 per cent tax rate. We call on you to pull in these cuts. Take a stand against the cuts.’’

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