Commercial break for council with new screens

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Lime Street Pic © Tom Swift

Lime Street station screens. Pic © Tom Swift

Liverpool is set to have nine digital advertising screens installed across the city in a bid to generate more income for the council.

The screens will be put in by two companies, JCDecaux and Clear Channel UK, with the aim of attracting advertisers and revenue.

Michael Doran, a spokesman for Liverpool City Council, told JMU Journalism about the screens, saying: “Two major things will come towards helping the city. We will get a regular income for 10 years to help towards other areas of Liverpool. We will also be able to deliver key messages across the city as these screens will be placed in key positions.”

JCDecaux is an internationally-recognised advertising company, with contracts including the USA, Dubai and mainland Europe. The organisation has been responsible for many of the digital advertising screens seen at bus stops and around London.

YouTube: Tom Swift

Clear Channel UK have over 40,000 sites across the nation, from Scotland down to Cornwall, and has a major presence in the urban areas of the country.

The advertising is projected to generate over £1 million over the next decade, which will be much-needed after funding cuts to the council’s budget.

Planning approval will still need to be gained, and the council will also discuss the road safety effects on commuters and locals.

The new signs will be built on a number of areas with high traffic, including Scotland Road, Leeds Street and Upper Parliament Street. Clear Channel UK will build four of the digital signs, and JCDecaux will build five.

The council hopes to have the screens installed by the summer of 2018.

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