Coffee for litter campaign cleans up Aigburth

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Cleaning up: Residents bring rubbish to the bakery

An Aigburth baker has come up with a clever incentive to tackle the growing litter problem in the area.

Alan Gordon’s Bread Shop Bakery is offering a free beverage to anybody who brings litter picked up from the area into his shop to be disposed of properly.

After noticing an increase in litter during lockdown, Mr Gordon saw an opportunity to make a difference

He said: “A little way we can help is if anyone in the area wants to collect a bag of rubbish and bring it to us, we’re going to give them a free coffee, hot chocolate, slush or something.”

Mr Gordon explained how he uses local parks a lot for walks and bike rides with his two small children but says the litter problem has got “a little bit out of control”. He hopes his idea might encourage people to think twice before littering.

“It might just inspire people. Once you see someone else collecting litter you think ‘oh maybe I shouldn’t drop mine.”

According to a report from the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) litter has risen during the Covid-19 pandemic because the public are discarding more packaged goods. Packaging that is being thrown away more regularly includes takeaway containers and rubbish from picnics as more people are meeting in public places where bins might not be readily available or overflow faster.

The report added that takeaway food deliveries are the prime culprit because they are using more single-use items due to hygiene and safety fears during the pandemic.

The study points out that many supermarkets and food shops are now wrapping individual items of bakery and fruit in plastic as cleanliness has become a focal point since the first lockdown last March.

Mr Gordon was happy to see lots of people get involved with his initiative at the weekend including six or seven families who brought bags of rubbish into his shop.

He said: “They’ve been really helpful, especially the young kids, they think it’s great and obviously if we can just give them a hot chocolate or something as a bit of a reward then I think it’s a win-win for everyone.”

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