Christmas Coca-Cola truck in town

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Coke Truck in Liverpool One

Coca-Cola truck in Liverpool One

The famous Christmas Coca-Cola truck has returned to Liverpool again this year as part of its festive tour across the UK.

The truck is considered by some to be an iconic part of the Christmas season which is featured in the ‘Holidays are Coming’ advertising campaign.

It is due to make 64 stops across the country and will be visiting a variety of towns and cities.

On Wednesday hundreds of shoppers excitedly waited at Liverpool One shopping centre to have their pictures taken next to the truck, and pick up some free samples of the drink.

Shopper Rachael Parry, from North Wales, said: “I had no idea this was going to be here today; I just came up to Liverpool to do some Christmas shopping and this has become the complete highlight of my trip. Every Christmas I look forward to the advert, so to see the truck in person is amazing.”

Student Paul Evans, from Cheshire, said: “It’s officially Christmas for me now that I’ve seen this. Every year, probably since I can remember, my family has sat down and had a sing-a-long to the tune; it’s a great advert because everyone loves it.”

The truck is on tour until the 23rd of December, you can find out where it is going on the official Coke Zone website.

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