Clean streets campaign launched

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Liverpool city centre. Photo: Ida Husøy

Liverpool city centre. Photo: Ida Husøy

A street cleanliness campaign is being launched to educate people on how a cleaner city centre will benefit Liverpool.

The campaign, labelled ‘Love Where You Live’, is designed to bring attention to environmental issues and to prevent the uncleanliness caused by discarded cigarettes, chewing gum, pigeons, and begging.

It is run by City Central BID in conjunction with Keep Britain Tidy, and has support from Liverpool City Council and Merseyside Police. City Central BID represents 630 retail businesses in Liverpool.

Mike Doran, the organisation’s Communications Manager, told JMU Journalism: “Research has shown that if people find somewhere to be unkempt they don’t come back. It’s that old saying about you only having one chance to make a good impression.

“All this is important because tourism brings in £2bn a year to this city and that helps support 40,000 jobs. Over one million people are in the city centre every week.”

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Mr Doran suggested that the cost of having people clean bird droppings off the street accounts for £100,000 per year.

He said: “We’ve started with this awareness campaign, which for example will involve road shows in Williamson Square. We surveyed people and eight out of ten feel that the city centre is clean. We want that to become ten out of ten.”

‘Love Where You Live’ will take place every day throughout this week.

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