Class of 2018 marks graduation day

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JMU Journalism Class of 2018 Graduation Day. Pic © JMU Journalism

Few events bring more smiles to faces than graduation day, and today was no exception as friends and family gathered to witness the JMU Journalism Class of 2018 receive their degrees.

Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral provided the setting and – despite the threat of rain – the sun was shining down on the graduates as they celebrated the end of a three-year university journey.

After the ceremony, the departing students and guests went to the LJMU Redmonds Building for a final look around at a drinks reception and prize-giving ceremony.

Journalism Programme Leader, Jackie Newton, said: “One of the great happy occasions of the academic year is when the students and their families come to Liverpool to celebrate their achievements at university on graduation day.

“We wish them all every success in the job market, and hope that they keep in touch in future to let us know about their progress.”

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Award winners:

Neil Warburton Prize: Evan Fyfe

Phil Redmond Prize for Journalism Production: Liam Keen

Lynda La Plante Fund Prize (Highest Achieving International Journalism Student): Jessica Hughes

Lynda La Plante Fund Prize (Outstanding Contribution to the Journalism Society): Portia Testa

Lynda La Plante Fund Prize (Best Journalism Project): Adam Leighton

Research Excellence Prize: Lucy Winter

Arek Kiciak Memorial Prize: Gem Jones

Class of 2018 Journalism and International Journalism Bachelor of Arts (with honours) graduates:

Alex Amadeo; Anisah Arif; Ed Baldwin; Zak Bamford; Jack Butler; Jade Culver; Joanne Cunliffe; Matthew Davies; Megan Dodds; Marcello Dotolo; James Farrington; Oliver Fell; Olivia Friett; Evan Fyfe; Chloe George; Jessica Grieveson-Smith; Emily Griffiths; Shelby Hamilton; Amy Harding; Ross Hilton-Inkpin; Jessica Hughes; Jasper Hunt; Becky Jones; Bronwen Jones; Gem Jones; Liam Keen; Shaun Keenan; Stephanie Kettle; Arkadiusz Kiciak; Emily Kinsella; Adam Leighton; Ross McAuley; Holly McEvoy; Daniel Moxon; Abigail Nicholson; Sara O’Hagan; Sam O’Hara; Violet Pocock; Matthew Ramirez; Jordan Reias; Marcella Rick; Suzie Sankey; Daisy Scott; Matthew Skelly; Tim Spencer Tanfield; Michael Stokes; Thomas Sutton; Thomas Swift; Portia Testa; Danielle Thomas; Shaniece Thompson; Hannah Wilkinson & Lucy Winter

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