City’s links to Dr Who revealed

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Dr Who 50th anniversary cast of Time Lords © BBC

Dr Who 50th anniversary cast of Time Lords © BBC

A new trailer for the upcoming 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who has revealed Liverpool’s links to the BBC classic.

Scousers Tom Baker and Paul McGann will both feature in the upcoming episode titled ‘The Day of The Doctor’, due to air on 23rd November.

Baker and McGann, who played the fourth and eighth Doctors respectively, will appear alongside the latest two incarnations of the character, played by Matt Smith and David Tennant.

Sarah Jane Smith, who was played by the late Elisabeth Sladen, also from Liverpool, also made an appearance in the trailer, along with veteran actor John Hurt.

Self-proclaimed ‘Doctor Who Scholar’ Andrew Cooper, who has had articles about the cultural impact of the series posted in journals, outlined the city’s link to the world of the last ‘Time Lord’.

He told JMU Journalism: “The link goes back to the 1960s, really. The very first ever companion, Vicki, was played by Liverpudlian Maureen O’Brien and there were a fair amount of Beatles references in the early series.

“As well as the obvious connections with Tom Baker, Paul McGann and Elisabeth Sladen, the sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, also lived in Liverpool for a time, along with David Morrissey who is from the city and played the Doctor in a Christmas special.”

He also said that Liverpool has always had a soft spot for the Gallifreyan’s adventures: “Doctor Who appeals to the people of Liverpool because it’s a creative city with a creative vibe and always open to new themes.

“It’s interesting that kids in schools are familiar with Shakespearean themes and stories all due to the series.”

‘The Day of the Doctor’ will be broadcast in November on the 50th anniversary of its first episode and will also feature current Doctor Matt Smith passing the Time Lord torch to ex-Thick of It actor Peter Capaldi.

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