City shows support for World AIDS Day

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The Red Ribbon represents the support for people living with HIV © Official World AIDS Day website

Hundreds of events are taking place across the UK  in support of the 24th World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day is held every year on December 1st and is an opportunity for people to come together to unite against the fight against AIDS and the prejudice that surrounds it, mourn those who have died as a result of the disease, and also to show support for the need for more medical research on HIV.

There are approximately 34 million people in the world living with HIV, with 100,000 of those people living with the disease in the UK. Last year, 124 people from Merseyside also tested positive for HIV.

Sahir House is a help and support centre based in Dale Street aiming to help people across Merseyside currently living with HIV, or for those affected by a partner or friend suffering with the disease.

Despite the many services Sahir House offers people living with HIV, Serena Cavanagh, Information & Publicity Worker for the centre, said that there continues to be a stigma surrounding the disease.

This means that sufferers are still finding it difficult to disclose it to friends and family.

Serena told JMU Journalism: “World AIDS Day is an ideal opportunity to focus on the disease, as there is usually a struggle for it to gain attention.”

Liverpool FC will also be showing their support for World AIDS Day as they lay out a 49 metre long ribbon at half time in their match against Southampton tomorrow afternoon.

The trademark red ribbon symbolises the support of people living with HIV and remembrance of those who have lost their lives.

Serena Cavanagh said that the participation of Liverpool FC in World AIDS Day is creative, and is a powerful way to raise awareness of the disease.

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