City of Liverpool FC support null and void season

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Should non-league season be cancelled?/ ©Matthew Wilkinson: Flickr

City of Liverpool FC are backing calls to null and void the season for clubs lower down the football pyramid.

Almost a month into the third national lockdown, football at steps three and below has been halted. With suggestions that the season could now be scrapped for lower-tier clubs, City of Liverpool FC chairman Paul Manning agrees it makes sense.

“In our opinion just not enough of the season has been played,” he said.

“There are teams in our division who’ve played five league games so in that context it’s early enough to null and void the season.”

The North Premier League Division One West side has played nine league games this season and the club is united in its stance to end the season.

“Our manager consulted the playing staff and the unanimous decision was to preferably null and void the season. If we’re in the minority, and the FA want to try and start the season again in March, we’d be more than happy to do that. We’ve always wanted to commit to playing football whenever possible.”

One of Mr Manning’s concerns was how the players would essentially be having three pre-seasons if the season continued.

Cammell Lairds 1907 forward, Luke Blondel, agrees the season should be written off rather than to continue stopping and starting through the pandemic.

The 24-year-old former West Cheshire player-of-the-year said: “It’s obviously been really hard to get a rhythm going with the breaks. Maybe the season should be null and voided.

“There are bigger things going on right now and trying to play under the current conditions isn’t the best it could be for football or the general public, at least at our level.”

A rare outing for Luke Blondel this season

There have been calls for more financial support to be given to clubs lower down the football pyramid but Mr Manning has mixed feelings.

He said: “It would be better to have more funding at clubs step three to six, of course it would. But the honest truth, with what we see at ground level, I’d have to question where that funding goes.

“You give clubs a load of money and they’re just going to give it to players. They’re not using it for infrastructure projects or using it for communities or activism to keep supporters fed and healthy.

“Should football clubs be given more money just to be given to footballers just so they can win their next game?”

Mr Manning says City of Liverpool FC are in a healthy position financially, with a significant amount of funding coming through their membership schemes and fundraising. In addition, many season ticket holders have committed to carry on paying the club despite the cancellation of games.



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