City hotels voted in worldwide top 50

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Liverpool Hope Street Hotel was one of the highest scoring venues from the city on Trivago @ Michael Glynn

Liverpool Hope Street Hotel was one of the highest scoring venues from the city on Trivago @ pic by Michael Glynn/JMU Journalism

Liverpool hotels have been rated 48th in a world-wide ranking by top travel rating website Trivago.

Merseyside hotels are a more satisfying stay than accommodation in glamorous cities like Tokyo, Dubai and Sydney, according to the list.

The site’s ‘Reputation Ranking 2015’ lists the top 100 destinations via its satisfaction index, taken from reviews by customers and the average price of rooms to create a list of the most desirable and value for money accommodation.

Head of PR at Trivago, Denis Bartlett, told JMU Journalism: “Hotels in Liverpool were generally praised for their character, friendly atmosphere and attractive interior design.

“Value for money was also an important factor in determining popularity – guests are much more likely to rate a hotel favourably if they feel it offers good value for money.”

“Of course being in the top 50 of Trivago’s Reputation Ranking 2015 will boost visitors to that destination. In Liverpool, the news was very well received, with local media choosing to write about the story and a large amount of positive social media attention.“

Video report by Daniel Wilson, JMU Journalism TV

Closer to home, Liverpool’s high quality hotels were the third highest in the UK above London, Manchester and Birmingham accommodation.

Bartlett was keen to point out that particularly in the UK the popularity of Liverpool as a travel destination has increased in recent years: “In the past three years, travel interest to Liverpool from UK users has increased.

“In 2012, Liverpool was the 10th most searched for destination, which then went up to 8th position in 2013, before dropping slightly to 9th position in 2014. I think the history of The Beatles is a huge attraction to the city.”

The index was compiled based on more than 140 million reviews and ratings, with each hotel needing a minimum of 60 reviews to be considered.

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