City gears up to become cycling hub

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Liverpool to be leading cyclist city ©ell brown/CreativeCommons/Flickr

Liverpool to be leading cyclist city © ell brown/CreativeCommons/Flickr

Liverpool plans to become a leading cycling city, and aims to ensure that one in 10 of all trips will be made by bike by 2025.

The plan is part of the Council’s Cycling Strategy for 2013-2026, which has been introduced due to the record numbers of people using bikes to travel around Liverpool.

The scheme coincides with the mayor of Liverpool’s pledge to create a greener city, and could reduce NHS costs by over £1m.

The council is now encouraging local people to let them know whether they currently use bicycles as a normal mode of transport, or if they would consider doing so in the future.

The strategy, which has been developed by Liverpool City Council, has several steps which will encourage more people to ride a bicycle, including improved road maintenance, investment in speed reduction schemes, and improved cyclist safety through training programmes and enforcement.

Coun Tim Moore, Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Climate Change, said: “This is a really important plan.

“Our vision is to make Liverpool a city where cycling is a popular, mainstream mode of travel for local journeys – with accessible routes which are safe, convenient, accessible, comfortable and attractive for both adults and children.

“We know that many of the most attractive, vibrant, successful and liveable cities of the world have high levels of cycling and we recognise its importance to creating a sustainable society.

“This strategy sets out how we will invest in our cycling infrastructure in the coming years to help improve health and wellbeing, create new opportunities for local people, boost our economy, and provide a low carbon future for Liverpool.”

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