Tree experts bound for Bethlehem

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A decorated tree similar to one in Bethlehem © pe_ha45/flickr

A Merseyside decorating company was chosen to dress the famous Bethlehem tree that is situated yards from Jesus’ birthplace.

The firm, The Christmas Decorators, was set up by Liverpool couple Nick and Sarah Bolton and a six-strong team were required to travel to the West Bank city to dress the 55-foot Manger Square tree.

In the past the team has worked for a number of famous clients, like Wayne Rooney and Elton John, but dressing the famous tree is the company’s greatest venture.

The head of their UK operations, Ged Comerford said: “This is such a fantastic opportunity for us to decorate one of the world’s most iconic Christmas trees.”

It was estimated that the tree would take a total of two days to be completed, using hydraulic lifts to cover it with over 40,000 red, white and green lights as well as 6,500 baubles.

Mr Comerford said: “When we founded the business in 1999, we aspired to be involved in projects of this scale, so for that ambition to now become a reality is a measure of just how far we’ve come. We have developed an unrivalled reputation for delivering unique displays that capture the imagination and our work generates enquiries from many countries.”

This is not the first high profile decorating job the company have been contracted to, as well as dressing NATO headquarters in Afghanistan, they also dressed Northern Europe’s largest tree in Neumunster, Germany.

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