Christmas book sales to help homeless

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Mr David Gibson. Pic by Rochelle Beighton © JMU Journalism

David Gibson. Pic by Rochelle Beighton © JMU Journalism

A new Christmas book with a twist has been released to help inspire graduates and raise money for The Whitechapel Centre for the homeless.

The LJMU Centre for Entrepreneurship’s David Gibson is behind the venture and says he hopes the message behind the story will make people think.

The festive book, entitled ‘The Reluctant Entrepreneur’, is based on the life of a graduate from LJMU and highlights valuable skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

Set during Christmas, the fictional story follows the life of a young graduate named Clark who has always followed the steady route and secured a safe corporate job after attending University.

Clark’s fate becomes uncertain when he loses his job and has to embrace new skills in order to find his way.

The character changes and embraces what Mr Gibson feels are important areas for graduates, such as being creative, taking opportunities and solving problems.

Mr Gibson told JMU Journalism: “The book is based on a true story where I helped a past student in similar circumstances but it’s told in a funny, informal way which I use to the importance of entrepreneur skills across.

“Christmas is a time to stop and think and look at where you’re going but also contribute and help other people. The PDF version of the book is available now, priced at £7 and all the money made goes to The Whitechapel Centre to help the homeless in Liverpool.”

Christmas book, The Reluctant Entrepreneur. Pic by © David Gibson

Christmas book, The Reluctant Entrepreneur. Pic by © David Gibson

“We all have to compete globally, especially graduates who have to create their own future and thus be entrepreneurial. Graduates have to be creative and innovative, take risks and learn from rejection.

“These are skills which I think sometimes our educational system doesn’t encourage.”

The LJMU graduate who inspired the book wishes to remain anonymous, but told JMU Journalism: “David Gibson was an inspirational figure to me as a student. That is why I turned to him for help when I lost my job for no apparent reason a month before Christmas.

“His Christmas story not only helped me realise how I needed to be creative and make things happen, but also the power of helping others less fortunate than yourself.

“He knew I loved Christmas, the book was funny, moving and inspirational, it changed my life and I believe it will change the life of anyone who reads it.”

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