Choir in tune with helping the vulnerable

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On song to help the homeless. Pic © The Choir with No Name

If you hear the sweet sound of a choir belting the words ‘Hey Jude’ on a Wednesday evening at The Bluecoat, the motivation behind it may surprise you.

The music will be provided by The Choir With No Name, and singers are providing comfort for those who seek it as they try to help vulnerable people.

Founded back in January 2014, The Choir with No Name provides a hot nutritious meal for all volunteers who have often come from marginalized areas in society, such as the homeless, refugees and sufferers with mental illnesses.

As the Lord Mayor’s chosen charity, the group proves how the music of Liverpool can benefit other people’s lives, and provide a safety blanket for many.

Rachel Clare, the Fundraising and Communications Manager for the group, told JMU Journalism: “The Choir with No Name is a small charity who run choirs for people who’ve experienced homelessness and marginalisation. We have four choirs; our most recent choir is now in Liverpool.”

As well as providing a weekly practice, the charity also offers singing workshops for people at risk within the community.

‘Gareth’, a former homeless person who is a member of the Choir with No Name, said: “The choir has actually saved my life without them even knowing it, because they helped lift me out of a dark place with their joyful and non-judgmental attitude.”

YouTube: The Choir with No Name

Roughly 98% of members who have joined the choir have stated that their confidence has increased, and they claim that around 76% of members have noticed an improvement in their mental health. Organisers say that after joining the choir, 60% of members have been able to take up volunteering, employment or found secure housing.

All four choirs from around the UK will be coming together for a Christmas Singalong Charity event in December, so the Liverpool members will be performing and hitting the road.

The Liverpool choir is ready to bring seasonal Scouse cheer to the South Coast in Brighton this December.

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