Chinese students enjoy city sights

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Liverpool city trip for JMU Journalism’s International MA students from China

It’s not often journalists get to be a part of a news story, however this week JMU Journalism’s International MA students from China got to do just that.

As part of a reporting lecture, a selection of volunteers from the undergraduate journalism programme had the chance to speak to Chinese MA students about their thoughts of Liverpool life so far… conducting interviews in front of all of the first years.

The students, who are studying as part of JMU’s first ever year-long MA programme in Journalism aimed specifically at students from China, spoke fondly of the famous Liverpool hospitality they have encountered.

Among them was 22-year-old Dong from Huajun, who was surprised at the friendly reactions he has received from the locals: “People who I don’t even know will smile and say ‘hi’. Things like that don’t usually happen in China. The atmosphere is so much more friendly here,” he said.

As well as the warm reception locally, the Chinese students enjoyed a number of Liverpool attractions on a trip around the city’s sights. Peng Xiao Mi, a 23-year-old from Zhengzhou said: “I liked the Yellow Duckmarine, the people were very friendly. There are lots of activities, lots of things to do.”

Ferry across the Mersey for JMU Journalism’s International MA students from China

Despite the recent downpours across the city, 21-year-old Louyin from Hangzhou is even appreciating the weather in north west England: “[Liverpool] is beautiful, the air quality is good.

“The weather is also good. In the morning I wear a t-shirt but in the evening I have to put my coat on.”

Chong Pan, 22, from Hengzhou agreed, saying: “I love the fresh air, and the sky is clear. In China it is not like this.

“Also, in China, it’s a very large population, but here is very intimate. Hengzhou, where I am from, is a small city by Chinese standards but it is still very big compared to Liverpool. The architecture is very historical, I like it.

“I find it’s not a typical city in England, there’s a lot of variety. In the university, there are students from all over the world.”

As well as sightseeing and meeting locals, the Chinese students are also impressed with the academic aspects of their course.

Dong added: “The atmosphere for studying is a lot better. It is different from China because there is a relaxed relationship between the students and the lecturers.”

Additional reporting by Catherine Cunningham, Liam Cotton & Kieran Etoria-King

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