Charity to feed OAPs at Christmas faces axe

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Christmas dinner table © Wikimedia Commons Miia Ranta

Christmas dinner table © Wikimedia Commons
Miia Ranta

A charity event that feeds the elderly and vulnerable at Christmas is at risk of being axed due to lack of funding.

White Christmas is a volunteer run organisation that helps people who would otherwise spend Christmas Day alone.

The charity has now launched an appeal for donations, a venue and volunteers to prevent the event from being cancelled.

Clare Johnson, who runs the event, told JMU Journalism: “Many people over the age of  70 in this country spend Christmas alone.

“White Christmas Liverpool was born to make a difference to that figure but more importantly make a difference to those that are in our local community and beyond.

“If we do not get the funding within the next couple of weeks we may have to close the event, which will throw a lot of elderly, lonely people into distress as they will, once again, be spending Christmas alone.”

The charity, which has been running for the past two years has provided a three-course Christmas dinner, transport to and from the venue, a small gift and company for their guests.

It is free of charge and welcomes up to 150 guests. The event has also been supported by a former Liverpool city councillor’s neighbourhood fund as well as donations from the public.

This year, an anonymous donor offered £500 towards the event, but it is still not enough to save it.

Over half-a-million older people spent Christmas Day alone last year, according to figures released by Age UK. However, thanks to the recent publicity White Christmas is now having positive discussions with Liverpool City Council and other local organisations to secure a venue and catering.

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