Charities merge for cancer research

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Two North West charities have merged in order to fund bigger projects to help understand cancer.

The North West Cancer Research Fund and Clatterbridge Cancer Research decided to join forces, becoming one of the biggest and most influential charities in the region.

The charity now goes by the name North West Cancer Research and its increased size and £2m annual budget could help it lead the way in the fight against the disease.

The merger helps fund the research and broadens the work across three main areas: basic, transnational and preventative, which includes awareness education.

John Lewys-Lloyd, chairman of NWCRF said: “One in three people are affected by cancer in some way.  The merger means that we are able to increase the areas of research that we fund; hence the areas of investigation into cancer will broaden and will result in a more substantial cancer research funding body here in the North West.”

The charity aims to develop and recruit world-class scientists and clinicians to aid with their research and “fulfil a worthwhile function for local people”.

Professor Malcolm Jackson, Chairman of the NWCRF Scientific Committee, told JMU Journalism: “The Scientific Committee’s research strategy will widen and remains committed to funding world-class and innovative research grants in order to better understand cancer and potentially lead to breakthroughs and pathfinders.”


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