Chance to shine if you think you’re funny

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HooHa comedy at Constellations. Pic © Thomas Sutton JMU Journalism

Liverpool is famous for being a city full of comedians, and now the opportunity is being presented for funny men and women to take to the stage in a bid to unleash their potential.

A local group, HooHA Comedy, is offering would-be entertainers the chance to try out on scratch Tuesday nights to see if they have what it takes to make an audience laugh.

After five years of running shows across Merseyside and further afield, organiser John Wilson is trying to get comics to try new material in the hope they can reach the heights of others who have gone before them.

HooHA Comedy was formed off the back of a course that produced names such as Top Joe, who the Echo’s Liverpool Comedian of the Year award in 2016, and now they are trying to provide the same platform to other locals.

The show will run every third Tuesday of the next few months at Constellations, featuring five comics each time with around 20-30 minutes of material each.

This is the third venue the show has been at after previously being housed at Baa Bar, House on Bold Street, and 81 Renshaw Street. Tuesday night’s set featured sets Daniel Triscott, Emma Corbett, Carla Poll, Leslie Kershaw and Rob Mitchell.

YouTube: Phil Green

Other big names, such as the actor Alex Lowe, have also graced the stage, as he gave performances in his much-loved ‘Clinton Baptise’ character from popular TV show, Phoenix Nights.

Mr Wilson told JMU Journalism: “The more we do these nights the more opportunity there is for the up-and-coming acts, and more opportunity that we can bring back to Liverpool. That’s what we are in it for really.

“There used to be one or two places that did comedy every now and again, but now the scene is thriving. I am not sure why exactly, but the city is buzzing with it at the moment and we love it. We’ve had crowds of up to 100-plus people, and really it’s not about making money – it’s about making mates and having a good laugh.”

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