Century-old church to be demolished

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St. Andrew’s United Church billboard. Pic © Chloe Smith JMU Journalism

Plans to bulldoze a local community church have been approved by Wirral Council.

St Andrew’s United Church, located on Rowson Street is known as a landmark in New Brighton, as it is almost 150 years old.

It opened in 1870 and has been running ever since, but the huge cost of essential repairs means a new structure will now replace it.

The decision to demolish St Andrew’s was made after the planning application had been put through and church officials support the move.

The Director of Life Architecture, Andrew Banks, works professionally with the church and he told JMU Journalism: “The building is in need of a new roof due to leaking and the cost of that would roughly be £1 million.

“I think realistically it could not just be repaired as the cost is prohibitive, so that it why sadly it needs rebuilding into a new church and community centre.”

YouTube: Chloe Smith

Several items will be kept and put into the new rebuild to retain its history, such as the windows and plaques.

Mr Banks added: “The facilities in the new rebuild will be so much better as there will be a refreshment area and a new kitchen and community rooms for people to use.”

A resident who lives by the church, Karen McNab, 50, told JMU Journalism: “I used to go to the youth club there years ago when I was a child. It is not just a religious place – it’s also a place for the community, as it has a lot of history and heritage behind it.

“I think that it is disgusting that it is being knocked down. Everyone who has lived around here for years loves that church.”

JMU Journalism contacted the church and the Wirral Council for comment but did not receive a response.

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