Cattrall & Mayor in Sefton Park plans row

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Kim Cattrall. Pic © Kim Cattrall Twitter; Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson. Pic © JMU Journalism

Kim Cattrall. Pic © Kim Cattrall Twitter; Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson. Pic © JMU Journalism

Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall has become embroiled in a war of words with Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson over the development plans set for Sefton Park Meadows.

The Liverpool-born actress, who grew up playing in the park, has said the site acted as “a refuge for her mother” after her father’s departure from their lives and she told the Echo that the controversial scheme to sell off the meadows was an encroachment “on the people’s land”.

However, Mayor Joe Anderson hit back, saying: “It’s all very well for a Hollywood superstar to shout from the sidelines, but what does she really know of the issues that Liverpool faces? She may have played in Sefton Park when she briefly lived in the city as a girl, but she left.”

He stated that the council is selling off 11 acres on Park Avenue, which is adjacent to the 300 acres of Sefton Park. He added that the money raised from the development of 15 villas would be invested back into the city and its parks.

Mossley Hill-born Cattrall hit back on Twitter last night though, saying: “At least I can count, Joe. It’s 55 dwellings, mate. Not 15 villas. Has he even seen Redrow’s published plans?”

Green space campaigners were left disappointed earlier this month when a vote went in favour of selling Sefton Park Meadows and Cattrall spoke out on the social media site, tweeting: “It’s disastrous! A real blow for and to Liverpool!”

Over the past few months, Ms Cattrall has also been showing her support as she retweeted those who were in favour of saving the city’s green spaces.

Mayor Anderson, 56, said in his statement: “I am still here and having to deal with massive and savage Tory government cuts to our budget whilst devising ways to grow and sustain the city and protect its most vulnerable citizens. Her comments are totally out of context and ill-informed.”

The 58-year-old actress, who moved to Canada as a child, was back in her home town this weekend to accept an International Arts icon award at the Collective Honours, a high-profile ceremony organised by arts and style magazine, The Collective.

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