Carragher backs scheme to help homeless

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Jamie Carragher was the main speaker for Liverpool Homeless Football Club’s first Business Club event. Pic © Scott Clarkson JMU Journalism

Footballing legend Jamie Carragher gave his backing to an initiative aiming to help vulnerable people back into work when he gave a talk this week.

He was the main speaker for Liverpool Homeless Football Club’s (LHFC) first Business Club event at The Back Kitchen in Liverpool One on Wednesday.

The event was held at the newly-opened eatery and training kitchen where staff, who have previously experienced social exclusion and hard times, are given training and skills for future employment. 

Carragher spoke about mentorship in sport and the importance of the charity in the hope that the businesses attending would be inspired to support the club.

Former Liverpool defender Carragher said: “People in my position [should want] to help the people in the communities that they’ve come from.”

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LHFC hope that they can make The Business Club an annual event to raise awareness and funds for the charity and its future projects.

CEO of LHFC, John Finnigan, told JMU Journalism: “Its not just about people’s money, sometimes we just need hands on the pie store.”

Carragher also spoke about his time in football and the big turning points for his career. He referenced Liverpool’s famous Champions League Final victory in 2005, telling the audience: “I don’t think we’ll ever stop talking about Istanbul.”

The Sky Sports TV pundit added: “Always give to others and help them out when they need a few quid if you’ve got more in your pocket.”

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