Car on Beatles album cover for sale

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The Triumph Herald pictured in the Abbey Road album cover. Pic © Flickr: Classic and Vintage

The Triumph Herald pictured on the Abbey Road album cover. © Flickr/Classic and Vintage

A car from one of the most recognised album covers in the world has been found and is now being sold.

The iconic Abbey Road album by The Beatles features the Liverpool-born band walking the famous crossing, with cars in the background lining the street.

The 1967 Triumph Herald quietly sits behind John, Paul, George and Ringo as they walk from right to left across the road.

Vintage car dealer David Golding, 49, purchased this very car earlier this year after hearing rumours it was the same one as seen on the Abbey Road album cover.

He told JMU Journalism: “What caught my eye initially was that it was believed to be the car in the album cover. I thought I’m going to take a chance on this.”

Now the fifth owner of the car, the car dealer himself started a long and challenging pursuit to find the original owner to confirm that it is the one pictured on the iconic album cover.

He said: “It was a big chance to take but I actually went to his house on the off chance he’d be there. Unfortunately he wasn’t but a neighbour actually came out of the house and told me he’d sadly died. I managed to find a contact number for his widow and I rang, but she put the phone down on me!”

After writing her a letter explaining who he was, David eventually succeeded in talking to the widow and the children of the car’s original owner. She told him they had owned the car for a number of years.

The light blue Triumph Herald is now up for auction on eBay and has already received a huge amount of interest.

Speaking on where he’d like the car to go, Mr Golding said: “I’d love it to go to a museum so more and more people can enjoy it.”

The auction, which ends on Saturday, coincides with the first-ever festival commemorating ‘Beatle-mania’, due to take place in Dublin this weekend.

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