Campaign warning on dog fighting cruelty

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Lush Liverpool have confirmed plans to launch a dog fighting campaign © Wikimedia Commons

Lush Liverpool has confirmed plans to launch a dog fighting campaign © Wikimedia Commons

An anti-dog fighting campaign is being launched by a cosmetics store in Liverpool to highlight the mistreatment of dogs across Merseyside.

The Liverpool branch of international beauty brand, Lush, will be organising the campaign which promotes the protection of animals and raises awareness of the large number of dog-fighting offences.

The pilot scheme in Liverpool will be a ‘trial’ and, if it goes well, will later be brought to other UK stores.

Lush has been running campaigns since 2007 on many issues around human rights, animal protection and preserving the environment.

Lush states on its website: “We never forget that animals cannot speak out for themselves. Thankfully there are many dedicated people and groups who devote their lives to protecting and helping animals. We are proud to have been able to work alongside so many of these amazing groups in the vital work they do.”

Becki Currie, Campaigns Representative of Lush Liverpool, told JMU Journalism fighting animal cruelty is at the top of the brand’s ethics list. She said: “My colleague first wanted to pitch the idea at a recent campaigns meeting because Merseyside has one of the highest crime rates for dog fighting.”

Miss Currie, who is also Lush Liverpool’s visual merchandiser, said: “The ideas we have involve doing a window campaign in-store and training staff with details to tell customers about dog fighting. We’ll also have interactive ways of getting the information across.”

The cosmetics store is working on building a relationship with League Against Cruel Sports, a national charity that brings together people who want to stop cruelty to animals in the name of sport.

Last year, the charity launched the first national report on state of dog fighting in UK, which revealed that every day a dogfight takes place somewhere in the UK.


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