Campaign to help families at Christmas

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Liverpool Six Community Association. © Pic by Oli Fell/ JMU Journalism

A local group is fundraising this Christmas to support families and help them have a more enjoyable festive period.

The Liverpool Six Community Association, run by Gerard Woodhouse, the Labour councillor for Liverpool County Ward, is aiming to raise £2,500 this year.

Currently at 40% of their total (£1,005), more than 40 supporters have contributed spare cash, ranging from £5 to £150.

The Everton-based group wants to support children with toys and clothes, while also helping families with meals on the run up to Christmas. They also plan to take kids to the pantomime and do ‘Breakfast with Santa’ sessions.

Mr Woodhouse told JMU Journalism: “We’ve worked with parents and found a lot of children who don’t have a lot at Christmas.

“We’re trying to support families in the area not to have a magnificent Christmas, but just to offer them something. Last year we did a similar thing. I went to people’s houses where there weren’t any decorations. One family had drawn a tree on the wall.”

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Since the summer, Mr Woodhouse has been in touch with local parents over what the organisation can offer them.

Not only does the Liverpool Six Community Association raise funds for families in need, it also offers activities and education, with a youth class at its Queens Road headquarters three times a week.

It hosts a variety of pastimes for all ages, ranging from cabaret nights, to afternoon teas and bingo evenings.

L6CA also runs a foodbank five days a week for families in need, and organisers are open to receive more donations.

Last summer, the group ran a project to help young children going back to school in September.

Mr Woodhouse told JMU Journalism: “We raised over £15,000. We were able to give out new uniforms, coats, bags, everything.

“Everything was new, there were no second-hand clothes. We helped over 750 children.”

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