Campaign bids to boost local firms

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Artwork for the campaign © The Caledonia

Artwork for the campaign © The Caledonia

A new campaign has been launched encouraging Liverpudlians to take pride in their city and give more recognition to Liverpool’s independent businesses online.

Set up by one of Liverpools independent pubs, The Caledonia, the ‘Take Back Tripadvisor’ festival will look to get as many people as possible to post five positive reviews about their favourite places in the city on Tripadvisor.

The aim of the campaign is to build up the reputation of local businesses, pubs, bars and restaurants that maybe don’t get the recognition they deserve. The campaign will run from the 24th February to the 9th March.

Assistant manager of the Caledonia, Emma Brady, came up with the idea. She told JMU Journalism: “The campaign was fuelled by TripAdvisor reviews I’ve seen for places I love, that I know are loved by many many people, not achieving brilliant status on the website because of a few picky reviews. I want to tip the scales and bring more positivity to TripAdvisor reviews by raving about the places we love.”

Anybody can place a review and anything on the site can have an impact on the overall rating of any establishment no matter how insignificant the detail is. It is reviews like those complaining about small things that Emma hopes this campaign can balance out.

She added: “I really do not know how far this campaign can go, I had visions of people thinking it wasn’t really anything to bother with, but the initial response has been fantastic. I’m delighted, so who knows.”

It is hoped that by the end of the campaign that Liverpool’s local businesses with gain more exposure and it will encourage more people to visit them rather than going to big chains.

For more info follow @TakebackLpool on Twitter.

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