Butterfly Bake fundraiser for Claire House

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Claire House is set to hosting a virtual butterfly bake to raise money to support families that have lost a child.

Set up just over 20 years ago, the children’s hospice Claire House was named after Claire Cain, who tragically lost her life just before her 10th birthday, after being diagnosed with a tumour.

Her parents felt that with Claire being in the hospital there wasn’t enough private space or time to say goodbye. They agreed that no other family should have to go through that, and decided to create a much more comfortable place for other children in situations similar to Claire’s. They courageously set up Claire House with just £96, which they had raised from a car boot sale.

The annual Butterfly Bake will be held on March 1 and is an opportunity to help raise money for Claire House. This year’s lockdown event will include a virtual bake-off, virtual afternoon tea with loved ones, baking a cake and donating a little bit of money or selling a coveted recipe.

Cora Shafto, a community fundraiser at Claire House, said: “The Butterfly Bake is named after our end of life care at the hospice and we wanted to share the important work that is done in that team supporting our families.

“The butterfly suites can be one of our most vital rooms and are resonant of the reason behind the existence of our hospice.”

Ms Shafto added there have been some amazing cheesecakes, puff pastry and pies donated previously, as well as one very special cake from last year that was made by the Bake King.

She said: “He came to the hospice with a huge Olaf cake. The children who were in the hospice at the time absolutely loved seeing the life-size version.”

Like many other vital organisations, Claire House has remained open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and has continued counselling sessions and play, with those families attending virtually who are unable to make it into the hospice.

Ms Shafto said it has been crucial to offer people support at home and throughout the pandemic: “Our doors have been open for emergency respite and end of life care throughout, meaning that if a family needs us, we can be there for them.”

Jenni Brennan, a butterfly coordinator at Claire House, said: “Our work hasn’t stopped because of the pandemic, but it has become harder.

“Support from people taking part in the Butterfly Bake means we can be there for families who have lost a child. We get one chance to get it right, so making the most of every precious moment is so important.”

People are politely invited to get involved in Claire House’s fundraising activities and even come up with your own unique ideas to raise money for the hospice.

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