Business students take charity challenge

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© Twitter; Athena_LJMU

© Twitter; Athena_LJMU

A group of LJMU Business degree students will be holding a music event to raise money for the charity, WildHearts.

The group, who have named themselves Athena, will be taking part in the ‘Micro-Tyco: Become an Entrepreneur to Fund an Entrepreneur’ challenge, which is run twice every year.

The challenge encourages companies, schools, colleges and universities to take part with the hopes of bringing entrepreneurship opportunities to those without the means.

Each group participating is given a total of £1 in the form of a ‘micro-Loan’ and their aim is then to turn that into as much money as possible during the period of just one month, with all money collected going towards the WildHearts charity. The only rule is that all transactions are legal.

Clare Gosling, one of the members of Athena, told JMU Journalism: “We as business management students are really proud of this challenge; it is a way for us to use our entrepreneurial skills to help fund entrepreneurs all over the world.”

The charity supports people across a total of 40 countries by providing them with the microfinance needed to help them start up their own businesses.

Athena chose the month of February, and has so far raised almost £1,000 through a range of different means including raffles. With the end of the month fast approaching, the final fundraiser is set to take place tomorrow (Tuesday) in the form of a charity gig.

The music event will be held at House, on Bold Street and will feature live performances from three bands, including ColdCommitte who have recently toured with Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye, and played support for Miles Kane.

The group is aiming to raise more money than any other university across the UK. Clare Gosling added: “Our group was second nationally above Oxford University in the first week, just behind Cambridge, which was amazing, and we feel it’s a great way to put LJMU students on the map.”

All of proceeds go to the charity and advanced tickets for the event are £4 or £5 on the door.

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