Business fears over car park proposals

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The car park in Bromborough Village. Pic © Harry Leahey JMU Journalism

Controversial plans to potentially build on car parking space in Bromborough village could have a negative impact on small firms, business owners fear.

The proposals are being made by Wirral Borough Council as part of its local plan consultation exercise, which has been focusing on reviewing “all potential development options”, such as new housing across the peninsula.

However, concerns have been expressed that if any development goes ahead, it could commercially devastate the area.

The main stretch in the village is mostly made up of independent businesses, but less than a mile away is the Croft Retail Park, which provides leisure facilities, restaurants and acres of free, all-day parking spaces.

As a result, some business owners fear the plans would make it harder for the village to compete.

Caroline Taylor, the owner of a beauty salon in the village, is one of those against the plans. She told JMU Journalism: “It will affect business definitely, we’re not happy at all about it. It’s a struggle enough as it is with being a small business. It’s just going to put people off coming into the village.”

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Also opposing the proposals is card shop owner, June Applebee, who said: “I’m very much against it, I think it will affect the village as a whole. If you get rid of the car park, then where are people going to park? They’re not going to come into the village, I think they will just go to The Croft instead.”

An online petition has been created via, with almost 5,000 people having since signed it.

As the plans are still in an early stage, Wirral Council says it is unwilling to comment yet on the concerns raised among locals.

However, after providing an opportunity for people to voice their opinions as part of its consultation exercise, the council says it will review the feedback given next month.

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