Bulger’s mum fights hacking payout

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Denise Fergus © Trinity Mirror

James Bulger’s mother has spoken out after learning that one of her son’s killers could be entitled to a huge “blood money” payout as a result of phone hacking.

The killer of toddler James Bulger is thought to be set to receive up to £50,000 worth of damages after police have confirmed that his phone was hacked by the News of the World.

It has been reported that Robert Thompson, now 29 and living under an assumed identity, has decided to take legal action against the defunct newspaper after it has been revealed that his phone had been tapped into by the paper since he was released from prison in 2001.

Denise Fergus said: “It’s blood money, his phone wouldn’t have been hacked if he hadn’t took James’ life. I didn’t think I could go though anything else but this has proven me wrong, they’re getting money for a crime that they committed.

“Nothing surprises me with either of them. They go to great lengths to hurt me and that’s exactly what’s happening now, I just can’t move on with my life. I would like to see the money go back to government or to various charities. To be honest, I don’t care where the money goes as long as they don’t get it.

“One day I will get justice for James and I’m hoping and praying that justice will be coming soon. The support has been overwhelming, I’ve got the backing from so many people and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.”


James was only two years’ old when he was abducted from The Strand shopping centre in Bootle back in1993. He was then brutally tortured and murdered by Robert Thompson and Jon Venables in an attack which shocked the nation.

Some Liverpudlians strongly agreed with the views of Denise Fergus. Michelle Quinn, 46, from Huyton said: “It’s disgusting, he should still be locked up in my opinion, let alone being paid for committing a crime. He really couldn’t get any lower than this.”

Also in agreement was Michael Dean, 61, from West Derby, who said: “I can’t even believe that he’s done this. If he does get this money he needs to donate it to the James Bulger Memorial Trust. Some people in this world are just pure evil.”

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