Brutal blogger launches book

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©Twitter @jaidenofficial

©Twitter @jaidenofficial

Ex Desperate Scousewives cast member and keen celeb blogger Jaiden Micheal is set to launch his first book this week.

After appearing on E4’s reality TV show, which was axed after the first series back in 2012, Jaiden Micheal had built up a considerable following through his Twitter page, where he currently has 83,500 fans, and through his online celebrity blogging site.

Dubbed “Britain’s most brutal blogger” Jaiden has already made a name for himself across the city and beyond as a showbiz blogger. As a self-confessed z-list celeb, with ambitions to rival US celeb blogger Perez Hilton, he considers writing his own book as the natural next step for his career.

Speaking to JMU Journalism about the ispiration behind writing the book he said: “I don’t think I’m some big celebrity but I just thought I could give my followers and fans something new from me, something that is easy to read, a bit of fun and won’t bore them with a million facts.

“A few people pushed me to pursue this project, those being my ex-management who said I’d never be able to write a book.”

At just 26, this book won’t be an autobiography but more of a collection of real-life diary entries written by Jaiden over the last 12 months.

When asked about plans for a second book Jaiden told JMU Journalism: “There will always be material for another book. I’ve been that optimistic about the success of this one, I’ve already got the book cover sorted for part two. I’m very proud of my first novella.”

Jaiden’s book is due to launch today, Friday March 1st.




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