Brouhaha back at St George’s Hall

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A performer at Liverpool's Festival © Brouhaha

A performer at Liverpool’s Brouhaha Festival © Brouhaha

St George’s Hall hosted the launch of an international festival showcasing numerous performances from around the globe and Merseyside.

Hundreds of people were excited to welcome Brouhaha Festival and their ‘BrouThousand and 13th’ show back to Liverpool after they made the streets come alive during last July’s festival.

Executive director, Giles Agis, led performers from Turkey, Greece, the Netherlands, Hungary, Martinique and Liverpool to kick-start the forthcoming year’s programme.

Giles Agis said: “Tonight’s event represents our widest opportunity yet of showing the largest diverse array of audiences since we began, which is just what Brouhaha is all about.

“We’ve always been an incredibly inclusive festival full of diversity in terms of culture and entertainment. But we want to keep pushing for more. There really is something for everyone.”

The launch show also included a selection of testimonials from four performers who have been involved in previous Brouhaha projects, highlighting the work of the dancers and showing how they can support the upcoming festival and even take part by wearing colourful costumes and dancing through the city at the carnival this summer.

Brouhaha is a celebration of diversity which delivers events on an international scale, with the street festival being the most popular, including acrobats, dancers, stilt-walkers and circus performers to name but a few.

The events are set to attract audiences of up to 60,000 people in the summer.

In 2009, Brouhaha was presented with the Merseyside Black Achievers Award (Arts & Media) for ‘Liverpool International Carnival’ and they were also given The National Association of Neighbourhood Management Award (Local Economy) for taking part in ‘World in Princes Park’


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