Bodies Revealed comes to Liverpool

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© Bodies Liverpool/Twitter

A controversial new exhibition in the city centre offers visitors a rare scientific insight to the human body. ‘Bodies Revealed’ is taking place on Paradise Street, part of the popular Liverpool One shopping district.

New York Company S2BN and Premier Exhibitions are responsible for bringing the unique experience of Bodies Revealed to Liverpool, which includes dissected brains and skeletons with body tissue.

The exhibition was opened by Dr. Roy Glover, the chief medical director for Bodies Revealed. He said: “Bodies Revealed is all about education. It is a demonstration of the complexity, intricacy and sophistication of our organs and how they work. We want Bodies Revealed to inspire people of all ages to think positively about their own body and promote healthy living choices.”

This offers a chance for visitors to see  275 whole and partial human specimens, created through an innovative process called polymer preservation, with some taking up to a year to create via a process which prevents them from decaying.

The educational exhibition is also providing a discount to encourage schools and university students to visit, and it will run until early January, having been seen by over seven million people in cities around the world.

While the exhibition may not be to everyone’s taste, one visitor Chloe Wainwright tweeted: “Went to Bodies Revealed today. It was so interesting! I highly recommend it for anyone looking for something to do in Liverpool.”


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