Blue Union stages second protest

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Blue Union protest at Goodison

Around 250 Everton supporters took to the streets around Goodison Park before the 2-1 win against Wolves at the weekend, in a co-ordinated protest against the way their club is being run.

Members and supporters of The Blue Union gathered on the council fields on Spellow Lane, near the stadium, at 2pm on Saturday before setting off on their second march this season.

As they made their way on to County Road, the numbers of protestors swelled significantly, whilst others who chose not to take part applauded.

The Blue Union is calling for Chairman Bill Kenwright to step down and appoint an autonomous board of directors whose primary aim is to sell the club. They believe the current personnel in the boardroom are incapable of doing that.

Holding banners and leaflets, the group chanted ‘Let go if you love the club’, ‘There’s only one Billy Liar’ and ‘We want Kenwright out.”

There is growing concern amongst many supporters that a change of ownership is needed imminently because of the club’s weak financial position. And with the cash raised from the sales of key players such as Mikel Arteta likely to be used to pay off debt rather than be re-invested into playing staff, they are worried these issues will affect footballing matters.

Dave Kelly, chairman of The Blue Union, spoke to those in attendance before the start of the march, thanking them for turning up and getting behind the group. He said: “We are the fourth most successful club in England, we shouldn’t be referred to as ‘little old Everton’. For the good of the club, it is time for Bill to sell up and go.”

One of the protesters, Joe Ward, 24, from Norris Green, said that the need for change at Everton has never been more essential: “Kenwright has been in charge for 11 years now and all we’ve had in that time are broken promises and lie after lie. Bill is always going on about how much of a massive blue he is, if that is the case then why is he dragging this club down? It’s time for him to let go of the club.”

However, Kenwright reassured fans after Saturday’s victory against Wolves that he has been tirelessly working to sell the club, but reiterated it will only be sold to the right buyers.

Kenwright also revealed he has been trying to sell the club for around three years and stated that there are always “three to four” interested parties looking to buy Everton at any given time.

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