Behind the scenes at Radio City

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Carl Woodward at Radio City

Not everyone in Liverpool works at an office 450ft above the ground. Radio City’s Carl Woodward does… and he loves it.

Luckily, the 35-year-old Sports Producer is not afraid of heights after having worked in the Radio City Tower for nearly 11 years. He told JMU Journalism: “The view is great and I just love sports and radio. I’ve always been listening to Radio City and to get to work with football is a dream.

“I was doing graphic design and I got a place on a degree course but I just didn’t want to do it. I wanted to get in to the radio business.”

The Reds supporter, who ironically lives next door to Goodison Park, showed commitment and landed his dream job in 2005.

“After getting work experience at Radio Merseyside and completing a pre-entry postgraduate journalism course for one year, I kept pressuring Steve Hothersall at Radio City to work for him.

“I did two years of work experience where I, among other things, helped Pete Price with his shows before I stepped into role as Sports Producer six years ago. I now produce every sports show on the station.”

Have a look at JMU Journalism TV’s video special to follow Woodward behind the scenes at Radio City.


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