BBC showcases best of British in city

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600 Digitbooths at the event. © Twitter BBCWPress.

600 Digitbooths at the event. © Twitter BBCWPress.

Liverpool is welcoming over 700 television big shots to an international BBC event in the city this week.

The BT Convention centre is hosting the BBC Worldwide Showcase for the third year running, which sees 725 of the world’s top TV buyers, producers, writers and actors flock to Liverpool to view what new talent is on offer.

The four-day event will exhibit the best of BBC drama, documentary and film in the largest distribution market, aiming to sell British content to countries around the world.

Paul Dempsey, President Global Markets, BBC Worldwide said: “We’ve had a phenomenal response to our 38th annual Showcase in Liverpool with many first time attendees including Google Play and DirecTV, making this flagship event for British TV exports the most global yet.”

With new content on offer the big buyers have been from Asia, Australia, Europe and Middle East.

Mr Dempsey added: “Buyers are realising that UK content can really provide an alternative to US fare as audiences recognise the quality of British dramas for their high production values, unique British culture and humour.”

The daytime event offers 600 digibooths for buyers to screen the programmes, along with talks and actors presenting their latest series.

While the evening events celebrate some of the BBC’s big names in television, such as Top Gear, Sherlock and Dancing with the Stars. Tuesday will see a specially-themed ‘The Musketeers’ night at Liverpool’s Echo Arena, attended by some of the lead cast.

The event is a year-on-year a success, with the BBC reporting to have made a staggering £156million in profit from last year’s event alone.

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