Barbie exhibit highlights gender issues

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The installation on Bold Street Pic © Rosie Patel JMU Journalism

An exhibition featuring a Barbie doll to highlight gender stereotypes has come to Bold Place after two months of preparations.

The centrepiece of the installation is a bruised Barbie which symbolises women and young female children who have faced violence because of their gender.

A political artist who refers to herself as ‘Lidia Lidia’ has formed the concept as a way for her to express her frustrations. Lidia told JMU Journalism: “I’m really annoyed with gender stereotypes, not only for women but men too.

“We live in a society that tries to make us unhappy; society is trying to control us.”

Lidia believes that through her art she can help change the consciousness of the community by creating connections and educating others.

She added: “Gender injustice is part of a global scale of injustices and oppression. Some human beings feel entitled to abuse and exploit other human beings.

“So my work is a way to process this and convince the rest of the world that something needs to be done.”

YouTube: Rosie Patel

The installation also links to the International Day of the Girl Child. This is a day which supports more opportunity for girls and aims to increase awareness for gender inequality faced by girls worldwide based on their gender.

Lidia spent the day under the rain in Liverpool posting over 200 postcards of ‘Girls world’ on bus stops to build awareness for the day. These postcards can also be found at the installation.

Lidia told JMU Journalism: “I’m a survivor of violence as a girl child. It is necessary to celebrate this day to show support and give them strength.”

The display of postcards will not only take place in Liverpool, but they will be displayed and spread in Venice, Paris, Berlin, Sheffield, and London.

The installation will be on display until October 31st.

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