Art on show as Chinese culture comes to town

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An image from the collection: Han Feng, Shoe for Bird (2012). Pic © JMU Journalism

The very best of Chinese contemporary art is on display in Liverpool, just steps away from the new Terracotta Warriors exhibit which opened last week.

The exhibition can be found at the Heritage Centre of Liverpool’s St George’s Hall, featuring paintings, sculptures, videos and photographs which all celebrate modern Chinese art, with the oldest piece only coming from 2002.

The show, which is run by University of Salford, showcases upcoming and established artists from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the diaspora.

The Terracotta Warriors display at the nearby World Museum features more than 180 artefacts from the Shaanxi Province in North West China. The Contemporary Art Collection will run alongside that, also marking the 10-year anniversary of Liverpool being the European Capital of Culture, as the city embraces its links with the Far East.

YouTube: James Farrington

Lindsay Taylor, co-curator of Chinese Contemporary Arts Collection from the University of Salford, told JMU Journalism: “The exhibition is aiming to celebrating Chinese contemporary culture as a counterpoint with the Terracotta Warriors exhibition across the road.

“That exhibition is looking at the cultural history of China, and what we are trying to do is look at the current history and tell the story of China ‘now’.

“There is some really interesting work. You don’t have to like it, but you see it and realise some of the artists are considering things that are important to us all. I would also say come and see the spaces here at St George’s Hall. It has really great spaces which you can’t normally see, and it’s the artwork in that context which makes it extra special.”

The eight-month exhibition is free to the public, and is open from Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm.

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