Art from scrap makes festive display

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The recycled sculpture on display in Liverpool © The Bluecoat

The sculpture on display in Liverpool © The Bluecoat

A local artist and musician has installed a one-off tin sculpture – made entirely from recycled materials – in the city centre.

The installation will be the Christmas window exhibition at the Bluecoat Centre, College Lane, throughout December, with many of the individual elements available for sale.

The artwork features a river containing fish, a bridge crossing the river full of cars and trains, a sky with aeroplanes – and even some flying saucers.

Samantha Rhodes, assistant director at The Bluecoat Centre, told JMU Journalism: “We are delighted to host Mike Badger’s December In the Window exhibition.

“I’m sure that the window will be enjoyed by passers-by on College Lane throughout the month.”

Mr Badger is an English singer-songwriter, guitarist, artist and sculptor from Liverpool.

From his studio, he creates sculptures from recycled, brightly-coloured, tin containers and other found objects, raising issues dealing with mass-production, Western consumerism and greed.

The artist said: “I‘ve always had the desire to create and not really able to afford any other kind of materials and it just went on from there.

“I usually find an object that already resembles something and try to enhance that.

“I have always had a fascination with sci-fi, robots and old car designs.”

In 2010 Mike was commissioned to create a permanent suspended sculpture, titled A Musical Composition, which hangs in Cavern Walks, on Liverpool’s Mathew Street.

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