Art exhibit tells story of hope

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Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery. Pic © Wikimedia/ Creative Commons

Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery. Pic © Wikimedia / Creative Commons

A new exhibition featuring the work of an award-winning Liverpool artist has opened at the Walker Art Gallery.

The art exhibition, ‘Tabitha Moses: Investment’ tells the story of Tabitha and two other women as they underwent IVF treatment to try to conceive.  The artworks follow Tabitha and her husband’s diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’ back in 2010.

The display consists of several different images of the women’s symbols of hope of fertility, including: the drugs and paraphernalia of IVF, fertility goddess figurines and even lucky knickers.

Tabitha, who won the Liverpool Arts Prize last year, told JMU Journalism: “I remember going to the gallery as a teenager and falling in love with the Pre-Raphaelites. The smell of those galleries takes me back to that time and I can’t quite believe I’m showing my work there.”

As well as fertility symbols, the three women’s white hospital gowns are a main feature of the installation, each one having been delicately hand-embroidered.

Many of the photographs of the women wearing the gowns were taken at the Hewitt Fertility Centre where they underwent their IVF treatment. The photos were taken by Jon Barraclough, who Tabitha describes as “a brilliant artist and photographer”.

She added: “My favourite piece is the photo of a gown hanging up in the clinic, waiting for the woman to come and continue with her treatment.

“Emma, the woman who should have been wearing the gown, was too ill to attend the photo shoot so we photographed the gown without her. It’s a poignant image.”

The mum-of-one concluded: “I’m looking forward to spending more time with my baby daughter, and a holiday, after this very busy spring and summer.”

The exhibition is free to visit at the Walker Art Gallery until October 26th 2014.

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