Art Collection Liverpool supporting arts sector

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The Bluecoat art hub, Siubhan Macauley

Art Collection Liverpool will give out their first grant to artists and arts sector workers this month.

The scheme works by people donating one pound a week until £500 is raised and the grant will then be given to nominated artists, chosen by those who donate.

Siubhan MacAuley set up the scheme after seeing similar fundraising initiatives on social media. She said: “I was toying with it in my mind and I couldn’t let it go, so I was like ‘right I am going to have to do this.'”

The first grant will be given out on February 26 with the artists allowed to spend the money on whatever they want.

Ms MacAuley said: “There are people out there who need that money right now, and they don’t necessarily need to spend it on art supplies because, even if they can just pay a bill, that can lessen some stress and means they might be able to sit down and create something.”

The arts industry has been hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic as galleries have closed and performances have had to be put on hold. Even in more normal times artists can struggle and Ms MacAuley intends to keep supporting them beyond the pandemic.

With over 27 members, the support is growing, and Ms MacAuley hopes that this will continue.

She said: “It is a good time to start it but really the intention is that it goes on beyond the pandemic.

“My hope is once we make that grant it will attract a bit of attention and a couple more members.”

*You can find more information on Art Collection Liverpool HERE.


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