Anfield Wrap stage set for Sound City

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The Anfield Wrap team. Pic: Vegard Grott

The Anfield Wrap team. Pic: Vegard Grott

Following the success of recent live shows, podcast team The Anfield Wrap have announced that they will host their own stage at the forthcoming Liverpool Sound City.

Although the full-line up is still to be confirmed, the headline acts during 2nd-4th May are Silent Sleep and the Tea Street Band.

It follows live shows as part of New York Sound City and at Bray, Ireland

The Anfield Wrap’s John Gibbons said: “When we asked the guys at Sound City if we could get involved with the event, I was just hoping for a few free tickets to be honest, but somehow we have ended up with our own stage.

“It will be a fantastic way to showcase the Liverpool bands we have been championing on our Friday show on City Talk 105.9 and at The Dovedale Social on Thursday nights.

“We’ll also be doing a few football-related things, too.”

Having recently launched an interactive magazine, as well as continuing to produce two podcasts a week for both radio and iTunes, the group are now set to take their place as part of the largest international music, digital and film festival and conference in the UK.

Podcast host Neil Atkinson revealed: “We’re all ridiculously excited by this news – it’ll be a massive playground to drink, dance, enthuse, enjoy and, if you must, talk about football.

“We love nothing more than hosting a party and we’ve got three days of it in May to look forward to.

“We’ve got loads more planned, including our first live podcast in our home city, so keep your eyes open and ears to the ground.

“Silent Sleep and Tea Street are a great initial statement of intent from us.

“We’re going to try and showcase the best of the music we have surrounded ourselves and our listeners with over the last ten months.”

Mr Gibbons added: “If you are from outside the city I can’t stress enough what a fantastic weekend this will be to come to Liverpool and join the party.

“There are tons of fantastic things happening everywhere.

“Just make sure you pop in and see us.”

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