Albert Dock facelift to attract more locals

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Digital construction of design for future Albert Dock colonnades. Pic © Albert Dock Liverpool

One of Liverpool’s most iconic spots is set for a major overhaul in an attempt to bring in more people.

The Albert Dock, purchased by Aberdeen Asset Management last year for £43m, has unveiled plans to redevelop the area to include more shopping centres and food outlets, in order to attract more of the city’s locals to the world-famous location.

Bosses at the area also want to modernise the front of the existing shops, most of which were set up during the 1980s, by introducing double height, glazed windows to let in light to each store and make the place appear more modern and attractive.

Richard Wilson, of Aberdeen Asset Management, said: “Albert Dock is a unique space and we have been working closely with our partners since we acquired the commercial spaces in 2016, as we want to create a new vision of the future of the retail and leisure offer for this one of a kind destination.”

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The developers’ plans are to combine food outlets with shopping oulets, as the current dock consists of mainly restaurants. Their belief is that by mixing the two together, it will bring more of the local community back to the Albert Dock, which last year attracted over six million visitors.

Jake Barlow, who works at Revolution Bar on the dock, believes that more people visiting throughout the week as opposed to just a night would be better for business, and for the city.

He told JMU Journalism: “When I’m in work it’s busy on weekends, pretty much all day, but its only really of a night that you see it booming. It would be better for me personally if more people came to the docks during the week, as work becomes more interesting and active.

“It’s a lovely place; the views and some of the buildings are iconic, but I do reckon that if it all got modernised and made to look like Liverpool One or something, then that would make it even better.”

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