Journey through the stars in Wirral light show

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Wirral Constellations. Pic © Tilly Kenyon JMU Journalism

West Kirby’s Marine Lake was transformed into another universe over the weekend.

A sound and light installation which took the audience through deep space was created, with hundreds gathering to enjoy the spectacle.

The display, known as ‘Constellations presents Studio Joanie Lemercier’, shows planets and stars with 3D visuals for 16 minutes.

It is projected onto a huge water screen to give a full immersive experience, with the possibility of being sprayed by water.

The event was free to attend with the audio visual installation running every 30 minutes from 7pm until 9.30pm on Friday 18th until Sunday 20th October.

The project was commissioned by Wirral Borough of Culture 2019, and took artist Mr Lemercier a couple of months to produce, although the project itself took many years of refining.

Mr Lemercier, the artist who created the project, expressed to JMU Journalism how he is really interested in the stars and the unreachable, as well as being inspired by geometric patterns.

YouTube: Tilly Kenyon

This is reflected in his work. He said: “I’m excited to have my project here. I’m French but I moved to Bristol about 10 years ago and that’s where I started doing projections. I now live in Belgium and because it all started in the UK I am excited to be back.

“It’s exciting to feel like the council is promoting the arts and making free public arts. It’s not like that everywhere and it’s nice to feel that the city and council are interested in bringing more culture.”

This event was the first part of a Liverpool City Region project, which is also called Constellations. The scheme is designed to encourage locals to spend time stargazing and inspire them to rediscover their neighbourhoods.

It was influenced by Wirral Borough of Culture 2019, which has themes of the great outdoors, exploration and discovery.

The Constellations series has more artists work over the coming weeks in Liverpool, St Helens, Sefton, Halton and Knowsley.

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