7 ways to enjoy the sun in lockdown

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Brighter days ahead: Sunshine in Wavertree

You might have noticed things brightening up lately, and while the message is still to stay inside as much as possible, the weather might just make your daily walks a little more bearable.

So now that spring is well and truly in the air, we’ve got some inspiration for how you can make the most of it over the next few weeks, with your household or social bubble.

1.) Have a sunny photo-shoot. Whether it’s to add to your camera roll, photo albums or Instagram feed- you’ll love looking back at what you got up to in lockdown!

2.) Pretend to be a tourist. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what’s on your doorstep. But why not visit a landmark close to you and look into the story behind it? Whether that’s a stroll to your nearest cathedral, a local statue or even an old building on your street- the city is rich with architecture and history, so you’ll never be short of findings.

Sunset over Liverpool

3.) Dress up and walk in style! One thing that 2020 taught us was that loungewear all day every day is not to be underrated, but sometimes dressing up as if you were going somewhere different can mix up your routine and take you out of the lockdown mindset. Experiment with your outfits, and step right into spring.

4.) Try a new podcast. When the sun’s out, you might feel like you want to walk a little further, so use your time creatively and listen to a new podcast. It could be something light-hearted to lift your spirits or something with a little more depth. I always find I can take in the news more easily if I’m doing other things, especially on days when the pandemic is at the forefront.

5.) Cycle around the docks. This is a great way to exercise safely, and with the new bikes available in Liverpool; you are still able to hire one out to get yourself from A to B. Or if you’re like me and not the best cycler, why not try the electric scooters?

6.) Make a Spotify playlist (or on your medium of choice) with all the songs you love listening to in the summer. Listen to it on the days as it’s getting brighter and it will remind you of the better days ahead!

7.) Finally, because takeaways are still open, be sure to grab your favourite coffee while you’re out. There are so many small businesses that have worked to stay open, so supporting your locals is a must-do at the moment!

About Beth Gavaghan, JMU Journalism